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  Museums of the World:
Museums of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg:
Museums of russian proviences:

- The Californian museum of arts
- The New York Metropolitan museum of arts
- The New York art galleries
- The Chicago art gallery
France, Paris:
- Centre Pompidou
- A museum d` Orse
- The Louvre
- A museum of Paris
Spain, Madrid:
- Gallery of Gersog Alba
- Thisian from all world
- Galeriа Fernando Duran
- Museum of Tissen-Bornemis
Italy, Rim:
- Monuments of Christian Rome: Palaces and
museums of Vatican

- State Tretiakov gallery
- The state Hermitage
- A state A.S.Pushkin museum of fine arts
- State Russian museum
- The Moscow state consolidated museum
- A museum of anthropology and ethnography - Peter the Great
- The central House of Artist (CHK)
- A state museum "Tsarskoe Selo"
- Aleksandrov palace
- The Russian Academy of arts
- Moscow, the Manege
- State museum - reservation "Peterhof"
- A state Historical museum
- A state Darvinian museum
- A central museum of armed forces
- Saint Petersburg, the Russian State Museum of Arctic regions
- A central naval museum
- Krasnoyarsk, Taimirsk biosphere reserve
- The Vladimiro-Suzdal museum
- Yaroslavl, a regional art museum
- Petrozavodsk, the Museum of Republic Karelia
- Ivanovo, a regional art museum
- Kostroma, a regional art museum
- Rybinsk, Collection of Rybinsk museum
- Murmans, a regional study of local lore museum
- Murmansk, a regional museum
- Severomorsk, News of Culture
- Murmansk, Fund of conservation and a support of
culture North "Varguza"

- Poliarniy, regional historical museum.
- The Leningrad zoological garden
- Moscow Zoo
- The Kiev zoological garden
- The information on animals of Russia

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