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International Group of Wildlife Artists:

Activity of participants: IGWA is an organization for free exhibitions of wildlife art at an international level, an exchange of information, support and protection reservation, establishment of contacts to other art organizations, galleries, museums, welfare funds reservation, separate collectors and friends reservation,rendering financial and legal assistance to participants. We invite you to participate in our organization of wildlife artists and to invite friends who are also interested in the art and the preservation of wildlife.

  - Carol Kalhagen
    - Igor Moshkin
Coordinator IGWA


You can buy the printed copies of pictures starting from 10 images.
For Russia & The former USSR countries 1 picture 30 х 21 sm = $4, 10 x 7.5 sm = $0.5
For Europe & USA 1 picture 30 х 21 sm = $20, 10 x 7.5 sm = $2.
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